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100  america american dating

She doesn’t regret a thing–her daughter, now 11, is her whole world, her name tattooed in cursive on Munce’s forearm.

Pictures of the two posing together dominate the otherwise blank walls of their government-subsidized two-bedroom apartment.

“I have to make sure that my daughter has a roof over her head,” she says.

The desire for cash over karma is understandable: Munce’s base pay is .83 an hour.

In contrast, industries like health care and food service added hundreds of thousands of jobs in the same period.If another recession starts, “the primary hit is going to generally be in sectors that don’t involve providing basic services to other people,” says Jacob Vigdor, an economist at the University of Washington. 20, President Trump, while declaring the economy still strong, said the Administration is examining various options to bolster the economy.Still, whenever the next recession comes, more workers will have to turn to the booming service industry, where low wages and unstable hours are the norm. She was in school studying massage therapy when, at 21, she got pregnant, and started waiting tables to put away the cash she would need as a young mother.Published in partnership with The Fuller Project, a non-profit newsroom that reports on issues impacting women.After an eight-hour shift on her feet, shuffling between a stuffy kitchen and the red vinyl booths of Broad Street Diner, Christina Munce is at a standstill in traffic.

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Jobs like personal-care aide (median annual wage $24,020), food-prep worker ($21,250) and waitstaff ($21,780) are among the fastest-growing occupations in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).