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There are three alternatives on the market that we recommend for easy and professional viral PDF creation: The Viral PDF e Book creator incorporates two small software programs that help you professionally rebrand and distribute your e Books.

Good viral PDFs can reach thousands of people and prove very lucrative to both the creator and the affiliates who help to spread it.If you wish to use any of the other reports in the marketplace, then you can do this by rebranding and promoting these reports to your list or to using them as free bonuses.There are tons of other advantages of Platinum membership including: ***** How To Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing- Discover How You Can Make Over 0 This Week https://In this lesson we’ll take a look at Creating a Buzz with Viral PDFs.A viral PDF is a document containing valuable information on a particular topic that is created for the purpose of being distributed around the internet for free.

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When your affiliates download your PDF, they can then just go through and use the branding package to fill in their details one item at a time.