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Recently browsing through the Android App Marketplace, I can across IP Webcam app, I read the description and thought of having a try with it, the next it happened to be surprise to me as it can make your mobile phone work as webcam for PC supporting Wi-Fi and USB mode.IP Webcam for Android IP Webcam is an Android App which can do wonders for you.For Bluetooth I had better luck with Smart Cam, and this can do audio as well, which Droid Cam cannot.IP Webcam has a lot of features but was by far the largest space-eater on the phone and computer.

This is the beauty and beast part about Android: it has great customization but fragmentation among the different types of phones.

The app I preferred was Smart Cam, but Droid Cam is pretty close and the paid version offers a lot of the same features.

Good luck trying to get your webcam set up, it isn’t easy but it’s not very hard either — you’ll be able to do it with a little patience!

I was frustrated that Skype didn’t allow video chat for my phone when they recently updated their app to allow this, and decided to figure out a way to do this using the existing video camera on my phone.

Why buy a separate webcam if you can use the one in your pocket?

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