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The demands can be intimidating, "The scammer will say: 'I'm going to ruin your life, I'm going to tell your whole family'", says May.

Typically, these sums of money can range from anything from £50 to £5,000, although May says he has seen far higher sums demanded by gangs, particularly from the Ivory Coast.

Security expert Professor Alan Woodward explains that just a few years ago, online ransoms were very simple.

"Rudimentary messages purporting to be from a law enforcement agency would appear on screen informing someone that they had committed some terrible crime," he says.

He has even come across cases where criminals will hack into a person's computer in order to remotely control their webcam and taking pictures of people in a state of undress in their bedroom, before threatening to release the photographs online.

This is usually carried out by amateur individuals who may already know their victim in some capacity.

The victim is then told to pay a sum of money or risk having the footage distributed online."The reason for the increase in this type of crime is probably due to the rapid increase in use of the internet; more internet portals, apps, partner and dating services and web services which are being used," explains Mario Hejl, of the Austrian Criminal Intelligence Service.

While Hejl explains that exact numbers for this type of crime are not currently available because the crime is not filtered separately in Austrian criminal statistics, it is assumed by the police that the crimes in Austria are now in the "high double-digit range" and that the numbers continue to grow each year.

"We usually have a few cases per week where a victim will tell us they want to kill themselves after becoming a target of this sort of online crime", he says.

We all trust people by default."Experts also warn that the problem is notoriously underreported because it's a sex crime, and victims often pay the money to make the problem disappear.

Increasingly criminals are making use of virtual currency like Bitcoin, Dark Wallet or Dark Coin, which act as online cash and are practically untraceable to the authorities."Victims think they can make the problem go away," says Woodward.

"More and more people are building up relations online with people who they think they know.

Sometimes these can be very intense relationships, but then they get blackmailed.

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