Auto tire dating

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Auto tire dating

DOT R5HG FHR 404 would indicate a tire manufactured in the 40th week of 1994 (or 1984, or '74).If you find your "new" tires are more than two years old, feel free to request a newer manufacture date or a discount from the salesman. In case you were curious about other elements of the code, "DOT" means the tire has passed the Department of Transportation's testing requirements.He was at it from his teenage years into the early 2000s, until in 2006 Langille purchased an auto-wrecking yard in Port Perry, Ontario (about 50 kilometres north-east of Toronto) and established Langille's Scrap & Cores.Within the automotive recycling industry there is growing concern about future economic developments, according to a survey of participants at the International Automobile Recycling Congress, IARC 2019, taking place this week, March 20-22, in Vienna.

Among the end use segments of the retread tires market, the heavy commercial vehicles segment is expected to expand with a significant CAGR in terms of value as well as volume over the forecast period.

The new CM SOLO series is ruggedly built and engineered for performance, durability and low cost of operation.

Units produce minimal dust and require reduced power usage and manpower. John's, Newfoundland-based Newco Metal and Auto Recycling, in April, commissioned an M6090 Modular Automobile Shredder Plant and Non-Ferrous Separation System from WENDT Corporation.

Only just over one quarter of those surveyed expect economic conditions to improve.

Ecolomondo Environmental, a subsidiary of Quebec-based Ecolomondo Corporation has secured an amount of CAD 32.1 million in project financing from Export Development Canada (EDC) to build a new, first of its kind turnkey Thermal Decomposition (TDP) facility that will be located on Tessier Street in the Town of Hawkesbury, Ontario. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) has released its first U. industry sustainability report presenting its members' collective progress and shared vision for a sustainable U.

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The next two digits are the tire plant code, followed by a two-digit tire size code, and then a four-digit manufacture's code.