Barbie dating hsu vic zhou kim fields dating

Posted by / 12-Jul-2019 05:27

Since breaking up with long term girlfriend Kelly Lin, hardly any of his past relationships lasted longer for more than a year.

Ken Chu has been out of the limelight since deciding to leave showbiz for more then two years now, but that didn’t stop the media from losing interest with his private life. No matter how hard they try to keep their relationships out of the spotlight, the media and the public still can’t seem to lose their interest over them.

He also sees Reen as a suitable marriage partner for him in the very near future.

The public’s interest once was again piqued when news of Ken Chu having a new girlfriend hit the newsstand a few days ago.

The 36-year old former F4 member was seen at a shopping mall holding hands with 33-year old Chinese singer-actress Han Wen Wen.

After shopping, the pair went straight back to Ken’s apartment and eagle-eyed reporters noted that Wen Wen even had the key to his abode.

The two of them were reportedly dating each other for almost six months now, starting around February of this year.

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It’s quite amazing how his relationships with the two Hsu became somewhat interconnected with one another.