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Bboston dating direct 22 txt 22

Allegro (C minor) - - - - - - 3-4 Trio (C major) ------- 3-4 IV. Every licensee shall not, in his place of amusement, allow any person to wear upon the head a covering which obstructs the view of the exhibition or performance in such place of any per- son seated in any seat therein provided for spectators, it being understood that a low head covering without projection, which does not obstruct such view, may be worn. Com- mentators have more than once pointed out the striking general similarity between the characters of Adolar and Euryanthe, and Lysiart and Eglan- tine in Euryanthe, and those of Lohengrjn and Elsa, and Telramund and c A Tonic and Nerve Food Horsford's Acid Phosphate. Now -we come upon one of the most originally poetic episodes in all Weber. In those days, a "good accompanist" was not one who played sympathetic accompani- ments to singers or solo instruments, but one who could develop the unwritten "accompaniment" (organ or harpsichord part) into full harmony according to the rules of the art. (19) fill, and honest men on both sides, and the question can in no wise be regarded as settled yet.

City of Boston, Revised Regulation of August 5, 1898.— Chapter 3, relating to the covering^ of the head in places of public amusement. The text is based on an old French romance, Histoire de Gerard de Nei^ers et la belle et vertueiese Euryant de Savoie, sa mie. Then the brilliant initial rush of the orchestra returns once more, a strong climax is reached, and then all gradually dies away to silence over an organ-point on B-flat, the strings persistently harping on the rhythm of the dotted eighth and six- teenth. It did not mean, as it does now, the sum of all the instrumental parts accompanying one or more voices, but the part played by the organ or harpsichord, accompanying the other instruments.

Euryaiithe has been called at once Weber's greatest masterpiece and his greatest fiasco. The poignant dramatic effect does not reside merely in the ordinary contrast between a martial tune and a love-melody, h&t\Nee.n fortissifno piano, but far more in that between the nervously energetic rhythms of the first theme and the serene absence of any rhythmic device whatever in the accompaniment of the second. To take the place of the missing third movement, Mr. — of Russian and Hudson Bay Sables, Chinchilla, Fox, Marten, and Mink — at reasonable prices. £3 '^^^^ (12) indicated in the sto're or not, it \vas generally taken for granted that it would be used in conjunction with thie other instruments set down in the score.

To inaugurate the opening of the new store we have imported this season a most superb collection of the choicest creations of the LEADING PARIS MILLINERS AND LONDON HATTERS ^ ^ together with many original designs. Fresh Chocolates and Caramels ARE SERVED TO YOU BEFORE THEY ARE Twenty-four Hours Oldt Containing Original Ingredients of the Purest and Most Expensive Made. A correct ver- sion of the music, but with a new French text, prepared by de Saint-Georges and de Leuven, was brought out at the Theatre-Lyrique in Paris on Sep- tember I, 1857 ; this should count as the first real perform.. Euryanthe was first given in New York at the Metropolitan Opera House on December 23, 1887. OUR ART DEPARTMENT CON- TAINS A GALAXY OF BEAUTI- • FUL ARTICLES FROM THE WORLD'S MARKET, America to Japan. A mighty fortissimo B-flat of the entire orchestra, a rousing tattoo of the kettle-drums, and a quieter transitional phrase of the 'celli lead over to a gracefully buoyant and tender second theme, softly sung by the first violins over the simplest of sustained harmony in the other strings. It is perhaps unnecessary to add that Colonial furniture is now in the height of fashion. PAINE FURNITURE CO., Rugs, Draperies, and Furniture. (8) See and Hear THE Everett Piano of To-day GRAND AND UPRIGHT. Of Guilmant's work, only the necessary additions to the solo part itself have been retained for the organ. Our direct importation of Skins enables us to offer Alaska Seal and Persian Coats —also a superb collection of Small Furs — Collar- ettes, Neck-Pieces, Muffs, etc. A musical puz- zle, with a story of interest for children.

Well-nigh everywhere else in the musical world the ideas of the other, " artistic " party have found acceptance. Some take them in strict allegro tempo, like the rest of the movement ; others take the liberty of playing them in a much slo\ver and more stately tempo ; others again take the three G's and the F's molto ritardando, arguing that, although taking the four measures in a stately Largo is not permissible, — there being no indication in the score to authorize it, — the " holds " over the E-flat and the D do (at least tacitl)') authorize ? idos on the three Eflats and the three F's, according to the old rule : " You may always make a ritardando before a hold." And, if this retarding of the tempo is cleverly managed, it comes to very much the same thing, in point of effect, as the stately Largo, for which there is no authority in the score ; it is beating the devil round the bush. Some of the greatest geniuses have not thought it beneath them to fill out Handel's " accompaniments," and have devoted much time and study to the task ; among them may be mentioned Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Robert Franz. WINTER STREET AND TEHPLE PLACE (18) I historical party owes its name to its pertinacious insistence upon the neces- sity of filling out the " accompaniment " on the harpsichord (or pianoforte) or organ, because it is an historical fact that Handel himself filled it out on one or the other of these instruments. COPLEY SQUARE, Will serve a Hotel Nottingham, SPECIAL LU^CHEOI^I Every Friday afternoon before tlie Symphony Rehearsal. This Entr'acte is in the form of a scherzo with two Trios (albeit it has nothing of the scherzo character), the melody being simply developed, and the Trios being nothing more than minor variations on it, the first one in G minor, the second in B-flat minor. Beethoven's visit to Eisenstadt in September of the same year was probably devoted entirely to bringing out the C major Mass, opus 86 ; so that he had no time to work on the symphonies there. (22) due preparation impossible, and the performance was generally bad ; add to this that it was an exceptionally cold day, and the theatre not heated ; the audience was as cold as the hall ! Sextus loves thee, more than his own life; he became a criminal at thy behest. Concerning the manner in which the " accompaniment " is to be filled out there is a considerable diversity of opinion among experts. The other party, sometimes known as the " artistic " party, lays little stress upon the particular instru- ment, or instruments, on which the filling out is done, — in fact, they, for the most part, advocate giving the organ or harpsichord the go-by, and em- ploying various combinations of orchestral instruments for the filling-out (but not as a matter of life-and-death importance),— but throw nearly the whole weight of their arguments upon the musical style in which the addi- tions are to be written, a matter to which the historical party pay compara- tively little attention. The original melody is repeated between, and after, the two Trios, according to the usual scheme of the scherzo form. The first performance of the C minor symphony was at a concert given by Beethoven at the Theater an der. The con- cert was a memorable one ; every number on the program was then given for the first time in Vienna, and the program included, beside the sym- phony mentioned, the Pastoral sym^horxy \ the pianoforte concerto No. The first movement of the symphony, Allegro con brio in C minor (2-4 time) opens grandly with three G's followed by a long-held Y.-'Az X fortissimo in all the strings and clarinets. The ear is in doubt ; is it C minor, or E-flat major, or possibly G minor? Thou hast ever seen him accomplish what thou cruelly askedst for; he w^ll keep faith with thee in death. That the necessary filling-out of the "accompaniment" can no longer be safely left to improvisation, need hardly be said. A return to G major brings in a new figure on the solo clarinet, which seems at first as if it were going to be a second theme ; but it soon reverts to the original figure, and, after a short hold, the theme is repeated, as at first, by the strings. Sextus er liebt dich, mehr als sein eigenes Leben, auf dein Verlangen ward er Verbrecher ; stets sahst du ihn vollbringen was grausam du begehrt ; er wird im Tode seine Treue dir wahren : und dennoch willst du, wohl bewusst deiner Unthat, mit heitrer Miene dem Kaiser dich ver IJcilroom fuiiiiiied in tlie style of the late Colonial period (1760-75). Wer erkennt was ich erdulde, Ja gewiss erbarmt sich mein. Tremont and Beacon Streets, ^ Copley Square, ^ BOSTON. It goes without saying that this filling-out ought to be done as nearly in Handel's style as possi- ble ; and Handel's style is now a thing of the past. In the passage that follows this the triplet (6-8) rhythm begins to establish itself more and more, until, with a change to C major, the Trio of the movement begins /^r/^ in the full orchestra, the triplet rhythm form- ing an essential part of its scheme. 16, 1770; died in Vienna on March 26, 1827.) The date at which this symphony was written has not been ascertained Avith any degree of certainty. P2ach piece of furniture is an exact reproduction on the lines of a century ago. We are prepared to supply from our stock the complete furniture for any room in Colonial .style. We sell it at the price of the ordinary furniture of today. The literal English prose of which is : — Vitellia {Recitative).

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We have consolidated these two departments and removed them to the spacious connecting store, 214 and 216 Bovlston Street, which has been fitted up with every regard to the convenience of customers by the addition of private fittihg rooms and a most complete system for the display of the stock. The opera was first given in London at Covent Garden on June 29, 1833. It is car- ried through with incomparable brilliancy, the strings soon coming in with some energetic passage-work on figures taken from it and from the initial onslaught of the full orchestra ; the rhymes are of the liveliest and most vigorous character — rapid triplets and nervous dotted eighths and six- teenths ; but now comes one of those sharp contrasts of which Weber's wonderful dramatic sense made him the consummate master. We show an almost unlimited assortment of designs and patterns for all needs. But, to enable the listener better to discriminate between the solo part and the accompaniment, Mr. Gericke's advice) has filled out the gaps in the orchestra with parts written for orchestral instruments, following, however, the musical structure of Guilmant's additions.

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