Chrome no longer updating dating football player high school

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Chrome no longer updating

I came across a good FREE ebook that gives you 100 tips when using Google Chrome.

Now, this has been cause for much discussion in the Chromebook community both positive and most certainly negative.

The EOL policy will help allow these developers to keep focused on forward production of their products without becoming bogged down with continuing support for older hardware.

This is much in line with what Android has been doing for years.

Considering Android only has a major update once a year, a 5 year EOL policy for Chromebooks sounds pretty good to me. Over the next five years I feel most Chromebook users, current and first time, will explore, expand and upgrade regardless of the EOL. Either way, I hope this has opened your mind a little to a few of many reasons behind the policy.

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The developers of this OS are from all walks of life and every sector of industry. If you’re into serious web work, editing or gaming, that amount isn’t going to get you far at all.