Clannad dating sim

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Clannad dating sim

[Written by MAL Rewrite]Clannad is the anime adaptation of the visual novel developed by KEY for Windows PCs in 2004, which was later ported to Play Station consoles and the Xbox 360.

Will the hapless lesbian ladykiller Beast succeed at pretending to be her ruthless twin?

Genital Jousting is also an online and local multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses for up to eight players at once.

A game by Free Lives You are Kayto Shields, an ordinary man thrown into an extraordinary adventure.

Control Kayto's day to day life as well as his responsibilities as club manager in this stat management sim.

A game by Love in Space Just Deserts is a sci-fi action dating sim where you play as a soldier who must protect a city from mysterious alien attack, while at the same time you will also be seeking to capture the heart of your dream girl(s)!

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Clannad has been adapted into four manga adaptations, an animated film, two anime series, two OVAs, comic anthologies, light novels and art books.