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The only reason collectors want the ‘spaghetti’ logo Squiers is that there were far, far fewer of them.In October ’82, Fender launched a range of Squier-branded Strats for the Japanese market. The Japanese domestic Squier reissues (still part of the JV series) did not have American pickups like the exports, and were vastly cheaper than the most expensive of the Japanese domestic Fender branded JVs.The range-topping ST’57-115 1957 reissue, for instance, cost Y115,000 in Japan, whereas the SST-45 1957 reissue cost only Y45,000.One ’57 reissue sold at more than two and a half times the price of the other, and there were other ’57 reissues in between too!

The first wave of JV series Strats intended for the Japanese market carried full Fender branding.THE PREMIUM OUTPUT The first Strats made in Japan by Fender were vintage reissue ’57 and ’62 replicas, launched in Tokyo on Friday 7th May 1982.The new line of instruments, produced by Fuji Gen Gakki, featured serial numbers beginning with the letters JV, and they’re accordingly known as the JV series.The Squier branding was originally used so that Fender could offer high quality vintage reissue guitars at price points which would compete in the highly active unauthorised copy market (which had devastated Fender’s profits), but do so without further damaging sales of its own American guitars.Subsequently, however, the Squier brand was used to allow Fender to downgrade the quality of its budget end output, without tainting the Fender brand per se. Here’s a more detailed look at the Japanese Squier Strat…

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All either ’57 or ’62 reissues, they were exported from spring 1982 for a couple of months or so – notably, however, not to the USA.

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