Dating a musician tips

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In a way, they are much like entrepreneurs: they create their own product and have to create their own way of getting it out there to people.Professional musicians take on many roles, especially when starting out, searching for those paid gigs and trying to brand themselves in a vast market.Being a musician does not guarantee waterfalls of money.Depending on what kind of musician you are, income could be sporadic, leaving a lot of anxiety and stress if the money is not spent in a smart and efficient manner.Bottom line is, if you want to follow your passion into music as more than a hobby, do it.Jump right in and work really hard without giving up.Income is not always stable and can be difficult to find, especially when starting out.

A lot of people look for the ‘big break’ early on in their careers and end up losing hope when it does not come.

There's just something about a man who belts out harmonies and wears his heart on his sleeve that gets our blood pumping and our hormones ready to pounce.

Give a woman a scruffy beard and calloused fingertips, and she'll be dying for him to pluck a G-string you can't find on a Gibson or Taylor.

You’re lucky he is using the quarter to call you, instead of buying gas or food. Never say anything negative about your man’s band that you cannot say to him.

Don’t follow him around at shows like a lost puppy, he is taking care of business, find your own crowd. Going from preppy to Nu to hardcore shows you are not your own individual. If he calls while out on the road, don’t complain about when he is coming home. If you’re a stripper, keep work on the pole, not at shows. Relationship problems can be dealt with after the show. If they have a show out of town, don’t drive just so you and your boy can have “alone time”.

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These tips are here to help you turn your passion into a budding musical career.

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