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But globalisation is not a concept that helps us understand the world around us.It is an ideological construct used to trumpet capitalist victory – to conceal the crisis-ridden nature of the system and its perpetual failure to meet the needs of the world’s working class.

In 1826, he presented the paper "Brief Exposition of the Principles of Geometry with Vigorous Proofs of the Theorem of Parallels." He refined his imaginary geometry in subsequent works, dating from 1835 to 1855, the last being published in German in 1840, praised it in letters to friends, and recommended the Russian geometer to membership in the Göttingen Scientific Society. In 1807 Lobachevskii entered Kazan University to study medicine. He completed his studies at the university in 1811, earning the degree of master of physics and mathematics. S.), 1792, in Nizhni Novgorod (now Gorkii) into a poor family of a government official. Under their instruction, Lobachevskii made a permanent commitment to mathematics and science.Aside from Gauss, Lobachevskii's geometry received virtually no support from the mathematical world during his lifetime.In his system of geometry Lobachevskii assumed that through a given point lying outside the given line at least two straight lines can be drawn that do not intersect the given line.

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In comparing Euclid's geometry with Lobachevskii's, the differences become negligible as smaller domains are approached.