Dating drought

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Dating drought

Then we run into each other the next week, then the next and soon it becomes a habit. Because he hasn't had to work at it, sorry guys, but its true.We meet at the pub, drink, socialise, I drive him home. We've been out a few times but that's mainly because he's hungry when he wakes up and has no food at his house. Unless you've had to work at it - you dont appreciate it.Now I'm not being gender specific here - I know the same works for girls, because I have heaps of male friends with girl partners who do not appreciate them - so please dont bombard me with complaints.And I'm not laying blame because I have let him get away with this for far too long.As the summer comes to an end, and we push our summer flings into the closet and close the door tightly behind us we begin to question what it really means to be in a serious relationship.With hook up culture taking our world by store it seems as if real “dating,” is almost completely impossible.

Then wham bam we went straight to home base on the first night - thinking "we're both adults" we can do this.You can’t dress up as salt without someone to be your pepper on Halloween, and you sure as hell can not show up to Thanksgiving dinner without a plus one again this year.We go from being so okay with just a fling to hitting that point where we are all desperate to find love right before the holidays.Otherwise it becomes a case of 'have your cake and eat it too' (a metaphor I have never really understood - because if i had a cake I would certainly want to eat it).Is there a dating draught or am I just looking in all the wrong places?

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