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Within a week they were rebounding it up with each other.Fast forward four months and they are about to tell both families that they are together.You're going to have to let this thing play out. They can do what they like, and you have no right to tell them otherwise.Your opinion could be entirely valid but at the same time they're adults and if they want to be in a relationship, they can be. So, in that sense, it doesn't matter whether your thoughts are justified, or if you're being selfish.If there relationship goes south which it most likely will, I feel like it will be a burden on our marriage.Our families are already kind of iffy of each other.The children of both of them have been having children in the last two years and they have unanimously decided that they'll be grandparents for the kids, regardless of genetics, just because they're so good together.

They are adults and if it clicks between them why the hell should they care what you think.

You can't stop them from dating or sleeping together.

In fact, the harder you try to make them stop — or the more you express your disapproval to them — the more likely they are to keep doing it.

Are marriage is great but the relationship between families is not.

My mother in law is one of those narcissistic parents that's takes everything personally.

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If you & your wife have a solid relationship, there should be no burden on your marriage...

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