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While there are plenty of ways to build your characters for multiplayer and co-op, these builds are intended to help you stack experience as efficiently as possible.The Barbarian is great for one thing above all else: Doing as much damage as (in)humanly possible while taking insane amounts of damage.

Since its initial release on May 15, 2012, gamers have found themselves unable to peel themselves away from the quick, loot-oriented RPG gameplay of Activision Blizzard’s Diablo 3.

It’s great for dealing damage to large groups of enemies and is actually a great way to get yourself out of some sticky situations if you find yourself surrounded — especially when paired with Sprint.

War Cry, Furious Charge, Battle Rage, and Wrath are all intended to buff your damage and help you cleave through waves of enemies.

As a result, Activision Blizzard regularly tinkers with each character class to nerf and buff abilities.

While your Demon Hunter may have been hot stuff five seasons ago, Glide may not be able to get you to victory like it once did.

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They’re quite a bit squishier than their Barbarian counterparts, meaning it doesn’t take a whole lot to take them down early game.