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Flightnumberdating com

They kept the CO system which was coded for 8 chars, to kept the MP 11 digit account ids would have required a change in the code and database --- that trumped the membership size difference.it took a few uses of the new account id and I had it memorized -- but still reflexively use the old account sometimes.I tried to do a SDC, but the website wasn't waiving the fee.When I called in, the agent informed me that I had a US Airways ticket and couldn't do it.3rd try was the charm though, and only took an hour of my time. I still have my OP number dating back to 1987 when it was originally issued by I think Eastern Airlines. My wife's is more recent, but still in the same general form. Having more options means they wouldn't have to reuse numbers.

The check-in time for your flight is as indicated in your confirmation email, regardless of the final departure time.

Other progams have in the past (BD comes to mind), but UA hasn't.

Funny enough, one of the questions I was asked by the MP agent who - in a phone call lasting 1.5 hours - failed to resolve a single one of my 15 missing mileage credits dating back to January, was what my old MP number was.

Yes, for the foreseeable future you can still use your old numeric MP#, but it takes longer as they system has to look up and recite your new alphanumeric MP# back to you. As much as i liked my UA number (with all the leading 0's showing how long I had it), this is indeed not even on my radar versus other post merger issues.

I still use my REAL MP number every time I log onto the website AND - I needed it earlier in the month when I flew with Air China as their system did not recognize the CO number - SO the truth is - they could have let people have the number THEY wanted - but CO/OP wanted to assert its dominance in this merger ONE MORE TIME! It could be worse, your number could start with USxxxxxx like mine does.

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You'd think they'd have that on file, especially if they have a need for it.