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Guardian dating gay

It then came back when I turned “show distance” back on.

Here are some examples of Grindr users the site was able to find in the US and Europe.

The wildly popular gay dating app “Grindr” is facing accusations that a glitch in its system is giving away the actual location of its users to anyone with a Web connection.

The charge, first reported by NDTV — which I tested and found to be accurate — is that someone not even signed in to the phone/tablet application can find the location of any Grindr user to within about 100 feet.

And I seriously doubt that any Grindr users were aware that showing their near-exact location (and to someone who doesn’t even have an account on Grindr and isn’t even signed in) was a “core functionality of the application.” It’s actually kind of creepy.

Also note that the not-a-bug doesn’t just show anonymous blue dots.

(I tried other continents, but was unsuccessful.) In contrast to some reports online, when I turned off the “show distance” setting in Grindr, my blue dot from the Web page.I don’t sign in to Grindr in order to let people track my near-exact location as I move around town, and I doubt most of Grindr’s users do either.Especially Grindr’s users in Russia, Africa, and lots of other places where it’s downright deadly to be gay.Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the Islamic Republic of Iran face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents.While people can legally change their gender, sexual activity between members of the same sex is illegal and is punishable by up to death.

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