Juniper backdating

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Juniper backdating

On-demand EOL/EOS/EOE reports are created showing the currently deployed network inventory.These reports typically include device, announcement details, last software engineering support, last hardware engineering support, and replacement product information.Juniper Care combines traditional 24x7 remote technical support, hardware replacement services, online support and service automation.

All data is maintained in a secured big data infrastructure for fast, continuous access.On-Demand EOL/EOS/EOE Report This feature provides you with the ability to automatically generate End of Life (EOL), End of Service (EOS), and End of Engineering (EOE) reports that match your network devices.The report is generated based on official Juniper EOL/EOS/EOE announcements.Network intelligence with minimal physical administration and rapid notification of specific network incidents reported in real time; allows incidents to be identified and resolved sooner than with traditional technical support reporting methods.Automatically collect and record the most up-to-date device inventory information including device name, software version, platform, serial number, and chassis inventory details for all devices managed by Service Now.

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The network operations team has the ability to choose device(s) and see EOL/EOS/EOE milestone dates for individual field-replaceable units (FRUs).