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There are many ways you can interact with your piñata in your garden.

These shops are owned by shopkeepers who sell items and services like building pinãta houses or upgrades for your tools.You can usually fulfill their needs by having your garden customized in a certain way, but there are also other things they may need like having certain species of piñata already living in your garden or reaching a certain gardener level.There are a lot of ways to customize your garden including growing plants like flowers, trees, and vegetables, digging ponds, building houses for your piñata, and buying things like fences and paths at the store. The shovel is used in every aspect of gameplay and has a variety of uses, some of which must be unlocked as the player progresses through the game.Costolot sells fertilizer, seeds, fruit, vegetables, produce, candy, fences, seed packets, watering can upgrades, and garden decorations.These are most of the day-to-day items you will need to attract piñata and complete challenges.

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To do this, you must use the tools given to you and various items purchasable at the store to attract piñata to your garden.