Love dating sim for girls my cup of tea cheats

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Kyle Kyle is our blond surfer boy, with little else to add to the party.He’s fun and easy going, with a bland sense of humor and those beautiful blue eyes.You are Sara Biea Affen, a silly teenage girl who’s awkward, cute, and obsessed with chickens.

For all Liger’s pretty features and sexual ambiguity, I can’t find anything to balance out Liger’s uptight demeanor.I have a guess that it requires getting the numbers up to 1500 or more, but certain mechanics take up whole days to get done, making that number almost impossible to reach.Between working to afford the expensive gifts and taking a whole day for the date, I just didn’t have enough time.Like our last entry, the goal here is to get one of our in-world contestants to fall madly in love with you by summer’s end, or 30 days from now.You have 50 HP to spend on either talking with your crush or working your part time job at the Creamery with your hot coworker, who’s also a romantic prospect.

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Sasha Our surprise/secret date is a lesbian, making this our first same-sex option on this series.

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