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One vs one sex chat

The vagina was often depicted as long, phallic and almost indistinguishable from a penis.Representation of the anatomical difference between men and women were independent of the actual structures of these organs and "ideology, not accuracy of observation, determined how they were seen and which differences would matter." Often, the only way to distinguish a female set of organs from a male set of organs would be if the illustrator were to cut away the front of what appears to be a womb in his drawing to reveal a child inside.

Gender roles became institutionalized and what was meant to be male or female was based on what the experts thought was natural.In order to have power over women, men would use sexual anatomy and sexual differences to support their superiority.The subordination of women by men began with the hierarchical ordering of their bodies and ended with their firmly defined gender roles.Aristotle said that "all of the male organs are similar in the female except that she has a womb, which presumably, the male does not." Laqueur believes that men and women were seen as comparable variations of one type of sex; that there were many genders at this time, but there was only one sex.The "one-sex/two-sex" theory claims that the switch from the one-sex model to the two-sex model created the foundations of gender as we know them today.

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Jacques-Louis Moreau wrote that "not only are the sexes different, but they are different in every conceivable aspect of body and soul, in every physical and moral aspect.