Online dating love at first sight

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Online dating love at first sight

Elite Singles receives countless stories from success couples describing their instant connection.According to new couple Challen and Stefan; ‘We both knew immediately that this was something really beautiful’ while Willmien and Derek suggest on their meeting; ‘we knew it was love at first sight.‘When you’re not looking for a partner at all and you’re 100% focused on your life; when you least expect it, it will happen to you.’ As a result though, Salama suggests that unfortunately that the other person may not reciprocate this feeling if they are in a different stage of their life.The overpowering emotion probably doesn’t happen for them because they are open to meeting someone.So why is there this huge difference between the genders?Are men actually more romantic than society suggests?Salama Marine suggests that people experience love at first sight they’re going through other big changes in life.For example if they’re moving city or country; as this is the time when people are least looking for a relationship and their thoughts aren’t even directed in that way.

Or perhaps it’s more straight forward; women are more calculated and pragmatic; possibly more sensible when it comes to love.

But is this merely to confuse sexual attraction with love? Which adds further confusion to this concept of ‘love’ at first sight.

That it then becomes a real shallowness, a lust after someone sexually attractive. Of course often, one person claims to experience love at first sight, but unfortunately it’s not reciprocated.

Salama Marine suggests; ‘when it does happen to you, you know that it can’t happen again.

It’s way too strong and crazy.’ Her description makes it sound very real; something unexpected and uncontrollable, incomparable to any emotions you’re used to.

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According to a recent Elite Singles survey based on anonymous user data from 2700 Americans, 66% believe in love at first sight.

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