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Posted by / 15-Jul-2019 21:33

Be Up Front The whole point of online dating is that it allows you to more easily connect with women that you have things in common with in a shorter period of time.

This means that hiding who you are runs totally counter to your goals.

Do your viewers need to know that you absolutely hate pickles unless on a burger, or that you only paint your nails neutral tones, or that you once laughed so hard that milk shot out your nose in front of your boss at work five years ago? Use a filter when writing your bio and ensure that you only include information that is relevant to potential dates in that moment.

Not only are there women out there that are as interested in video games as you are, some women who aren’t might just find it endearing nonetheless.

Filtering Out You don’t want to have a huge laundry list of red flags — that, in and of itself, can be an understandable red flag.

Your basic likes, dislikes, and tendencies are all good things to include in your profile, but save the specifics and random facts for a date.

We’re taught from a very young age that it’s important to tell the truth so don’t let this thought escape you as you write your bio. Are you really willing to pretend to be five years younger than you are for as long as you’re dating this person?

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If you’re older than 21, your prom photos have no place on your dating profile.