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He went and got himself some wicked hair plugs and willed himself back to hotness.Picture note by Celebitchy: Brendan Fraser and his wife Afton Smith and 2/3 of their kids (the last one wasn’t born yet) are shown at the Halloween Carnival at Universal Studios on 10/23/05.He had a full thick head of hair in his heart throb days following his “Mummy” movies success.But in 2003 his hair tragically vanished only to reappear last month for the new installment of his claim to fame, “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.” I bet he went the route of Nicholas Cage.

EMMA: For Beautiful Creatures, in which you play a battered woman and trophy girlfriend, you had to go blonde.

When, a few years later, she became a star of the British stage and screen, in Noël Coward's play Design for Living and films like Swept from the Sea and I Want You, one newspaper labeled her "disturbingly exotic" which is polite code for "she doesn't look British." Hollywood soon came calling and she took the role of Keanu Reeves' brainy love interest in the stinky Chain Reaction. RACHEL: I like their heads, I like the way they think.

Creating her own sub-genre, she again played the intellectual sex bomb in an action movie in The Mummy, the sequel to which appears this summer.

The girl who came to our house was like a horrendous, vulgar Spice Girl." EMMA: Who are you a big fan of?

EMMA: You had to leave from point A, and nothing could happen in between. I just felt like the world was so desperate and lonely and sad and people were trying to sell cars and no one wanted to buy them. I don't mean just sexual flirting, but verbal flirting. But you have to remember how you used your imagination as a child. This is really terrible to say, because Catherine is a woman who's a little bit unstable and hysterical. The civilians and soldiers got together and defended the city against the Nazis, against all odds. But Jude is right there with you every second of the way. And either black with red tips or the camel color with brown tips. Dad always says that my personality has been irrevocably malformed by acting, so that I'm now unsuitable to anything else.

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I feel sick now when I listen to the radio, all these commercials for different car dealers. Is working with all those effects a little de-humanizing? You have to talk into thin air and imagine that there are 10,000 Pygmies running at you. RACHEL: Because I completely connected with the character. Movie actors get used to close-ups and it all becomes monologue. RACHEL: I like the idea of the short ones because they're so unusual, like ankle length. They wanted me to go and meet her to play her sister. Are they disappointed you haven't had a more academic career? Although my mother would have liked it if I was a doctor and a movie star at the same time because mum's greedy.