Rhesus negative dating

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Rhesus negative dating

When trying to save the lives of soldiers exhibiting terrible, battlefield-based wounds from the devastating effects of bullets, blades, and cannons – many of which provoked significant and life-threatening blood loss – military doctors were left with no option but to transfuse blood from healthy and hardy individuals into the bloodstreams of the critically injured.On some occasions, the procedures worked perfectly.Despite the ups and downs of these early experiments, right up until the latter part of the 19 Century matters were very much misunderstood on the issue of blood – and, very often, tragically so, too.This all became acutely clear during the turbulent American Civil War of 1861 to 1865, in which no less than 600,000 individuals lost their lives, as north and south went to war in violent and bloody fashion.As a result, transfusions in the United States were seen as being very much a last resort; in much of Europe of the 1800s, however, blood transfusions were viewed not as a last resort, but as a definitive no-go area – period.At least, that is where things stood until the first decade of the 20 Century.On other occasions, however, they had the exact opposite outcome: the patients soon died.The reason for this distinct “Russian Roulette”-style situation was a deep mystery, at the time.

Landsteiner decided to term it the Rh Factor – “Rh” standing for “Rhesus,” of course.Over the years a number of books and articles have been written linking the UFO phenomenon to people who have Rh negative blood.Here’s a link to one such example, and here’s another.For all intents and purposes, the unborn child is considered something and something to be gotten rid of at the earliest opportunity possible.The process by which the mother effectively tries to attack and kill its very own offspring via the blood is termed sensitization.

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Indeed, not identical in the slightest: Landsteiner’s studies revealed that there was not just one blood group, after all.