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Search is tuna fish sedating

Motherwort is also known by a number of other common names including throw wort, lion’s ear and lion’s tail.

The plant grows to about 100 cm and has distinctive three pronged leaves and purple and white flower.

Motherwort is known to possess antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and cardioprotective effects.

In addition, motherwort is known to possess neuroprotective effects, and can also produce sedation, and in this regard may be an effective anxiolytic agent.

Motherwort is often standardised for its hyperside content (0.2 %) suggesting that it may be an important phytochemical within the plant.The ability of motherwort to relieve heart palpitations may also aid those with the generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) because often with mild anxiety there are heart palpitations that can cause further anxiety in the sufferer.Detailed chemical analysis of motherwort extracts have been performed.A number of studies have also been performed in humans.In one study, researchers administered a tablet containing motherwort (50 mg), valerian root (170 mg), lemon balm leaves (50 mg) and hops (50 mg) to a group of men suffering anxiety from alcohol withdrawal.

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A number of chemicals belonging to the terpene group are known to be present in motherwort extracts including monoterpenes, diterpenes and triterpenes.

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