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Sex dating in newent gloucestershire

As an independent label, Triumph was dependent on small pressing plants, which were unable to meet the demand for product.The record made a respectable appearance in the Top Ten, but it demonstrated that Meek needed the distribution network of the major companies for his records to reach retail outlets.

He also engineered many jazz and calypso records including vocalist and percussionist Frank Holder and band leader Kenny Graham.In January 1960, together with William Barrington-Coupe, Meek founded Triumph Records.At the time Barrington-Coupe was working at SAGA records in Empire Yard, Holloway Road for Major Wilfred Alonzo Banks and it was the Major who provided the finance.That year Meek conceived, wrote and produced an "Outer Space Music Fantasy"' an Album I Hear A New World with a band called Rod Freeman & the Blue Men.The album was shelved for decades, apart from the release of some EP tracks taken from it.

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Meek is considered one of the most influential sound engineers of all time, being one of the first to develop ideas such as the recording studio as an instrument, and becoming one of the first producers to be recognized for his individual identity as an artist.

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