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One of the most common situations women ask me about is what I call “Predictable Male Withdrawal.” I’ll take a second to explain exactly what this is and why it’s important…

You order your drink, prop yourself up against the bar, nod your head to the music and look at all of the hot girls on the dance floor. Do you think that she’s just going to stop dancing, turn in your direction, notice how non-cool you look standing up against the bar with your one buddy who looks as equally pathetic, and then ask you out on a date? This is real life, and in real life hot girls always date jerks (or at least guys with similar qualities) – they NEVER date “nice guys”. Because the writer doesn’t get girls, like yourself.

You notice a hot blonde enjoying herself and you mention to your friend: Sure you would, but she wouldn’t let you. He doesn’t know how to properly seek out a hot women and have success with them, so he has to write about the stuff he dreams about. Everyone wonders why alpha males always get the girls, and the truth is that they simply understand the need to make things happens themselves rather than wait around for it to just fall into their lap.

Now you know why hot girls always date jerks, let’s turn you into one.

Don’t worry, women won’t think you are just a sleazy dude trying to get into their pants. You don’t need to degrade women, cheat on them, be mean, or any of the other negative stereotypes that are attached to the “jerk” label.

To maintain a positive attitude, you have to have a full life — with or without a man.

In fact, the idea that assholes are so inherent to the Internet that it becomes a default excuse for shitty behavior; “It’s just assholes on the Internet, what’re you gonna do?What is it that makes smoking hot girls always date jerks like me, while guys like yourself are stuck at the bar watching in awe and hating on me? Don’t get mad at me for saying that, because you’ll be thanking me in a minute.Confidence, dominance, non-neediness, social value…Should I continue? What you’re about to read is some of the realest advice for nice guys that you’ll ever read.Believe me, I might be 100% brutal with my delivery, but you NEED this.Think about the last time you were in a bar or club.

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Tip #2) Keep your Center The quickest way to connect with someone, especially a man, is to be the kind of positive, magnetic person that they can’t help but be changed and inspired by.

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