Turks and caicos dating site

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Turks and caicos dating site

From full and half-day excursions, to on-site arts and crafts, our Kids Town turns time at Grace Bay Club into a true Turks and Caicos family vacation...

Overview On our spectacular 11-acre property, home to the most beautiful Turks & Caicos beaches, water-based activities are naturally part of each day.

Historically, the Turks and Caicos have followed Eastern Standard Time (EST), observing daylight savings time. The Government decided, due to the early sunsets during the busy tourist season, to change to Atlantic Standard Time (no daylight savings), which is also followed by several other Caribbean countries.

On March 8, 2015, clocks were moved forward one hour for the switch to AST. The Turks and Caicos Islands is a rather small archipelago, and all islands and settlements are in the same time zone (EST).

Overview Grace Bay Club is a celebration of sophistication and style.

With our extensive property, all of our restaurants and bars are oceanfront.

Temperatures average in the mid-seventies in winter and in the mid-eighties in summer.

Turks & Caicos has long maintained a relationship with the British Crown and became a British Commonwealth Colony in 1962.

The country is now officially termed an “Independent Overseas Territory.” The Turks & Caicos’ governor is appointed by the Queen, who is responsible for law and order on the islands.

Consequently, only approximately 400 people lived on the island until 30 years ago.

Today’s population of nearly 16,000 is employed primarily by the island’s two main industries: tourism and offshore banking (the islands do not levy personal or corporate taxes).

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Choose from Infiniti Restaurant & Raw Bar, the most sought-after Providenciales dining experience, to more relaxed fare at our family-friendly The Grill and Krave.