Two of us dating houston

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Two of us dating houston

Why don't older women who find themselves alone band together at the end of life - surely to form helping communities - but even to live together as many of us did in college?

Both were 65, but Charlotte knows 80-plus year olds who have met over this website.

The process, which does cost something - although is not exorbitant, requires that you answer a sizable number of questions including descriptive ones about education, religion, profession, financial situation and location.

Also you must be prepared to divulge descriptions about lifestyle, values, and preferences - down to what you do on Sunday mornings.

Among those 85-plus, about 40 percent of men but over 77 percent of women are widowed.

With the odds stacked so against them, elderly women are less likely to remarry - only two of 1,000 per year for women (versus 14 of 1,000 per year for men). Surprisingly (at least to me initially), the answer is the same as it is for 20, 30 and 40-somethings: online dating sites.

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Love - the elixir of life, that undefinable emotion that we so crave.

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