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Restart Firefox to enable the Quick Time plugin by closing all open Firefox windows and opening Firefox again.Navigate to a website containing an embedded Quick Time video in Firefox, such as the Apple movie trailers website.However, for some peculiar reason, users were able to install an older iteration of Quick Time and update it later on.This, of course, requires, some effort and meddling with untrusted sources.As we already have said, Quick Time for Windows support is discontinued and it’s not advised to stick with this application furthermore.However, if you’re eternally bound to this nifty player, we’ll help you use it in the safest possible way.The video starts playing inside the web page, just like Flash videos do on You Tube and on other web pages.

If you’re not using old Adobe’s applications, there’s a chance that you don’t need it at all, especially since it’s discontinued and doesn’t support Windows 10.

If you decide to use this way to install Quick Time on Windows 10, you’re doing so on your own responsibility.

Even though this is quite uncommon, the latest version (QT 7.7.9 from January 2016) is mostly the one with issues on Windows 10.

Quick Time supports the latest version of Firefox as well as old versions of Firefox.

There are a lot of redundant applications which, over the years, found their end on the software scrap yard.

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Open it by clicking "Start," "All Programs," "Quick Time" and "Quick Time Player." Updating Quick Time and other browser plugins regularly is important.