Visual chat

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Visual chat

Buttons can be created to frame the image, don’t set these button to be transparent and you may want labels on these buttons.You will need to create a button to Navigate back to the Home or Main page of the vocabulary file.Choice View Live Agent screen and example phone script: Choice View Live Agent screens are easy to understand and use with minimal training.The yellow Information box shows call history of all requests from the caller and each visual piece of information sent by the representative.For example: A field technician contacts a Choice View-enabled cable company call center to ask for support in the installation process.The company’s service rep sends the cable modem diagram of the correct setup while talking to the technician. Chat can be easily configured with visual chat constructor tool.

* In the chat editor in the “Synchronization with messengers” block, you can see all active links and delete it. It will work just like the standard one and you will can to control over it. VK bot is any empty or unused page in the social network.

Create the remaining buttons and re- size them to go along with the scene, all the buttons can have their own size and shape: You can also create spots on the picture that will move to another page that includes associated vocabulary.

Now, when you tap on this button, it will take you to the horse page you created in the navigation field.

The live assistance rep sends additional diagrams in response to the technician’s questions until they successfully complete the installation.

The entire Choice View transaction takes less than 10 minutes, much less than the typical call time!

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Callers using the Choice View App participate in the call while viewing products, diagrams, web pages, maps, videos, or other information sent from a Choice View-enabled rep or Visual IVR platform. The visual live assistance allows them to make additional sales, provide accurate information, and enhance their services.