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Youtube paul washer on dating part

He compared the system of Sharia and the Muslims who endorse it to Nazi Germany.The video was among the top 10 most discussed You Tube videos of 2010.I don’t care if you think she’s your best friend in the world, you do not treat her like you would a boy, like you would a man. I know a lot of guys that say, “Well, my best friend is this girl.” What on earth are you doing? Because we’re so, just immoral, and gross, that the touching of a hand can’t cause your heart to beat faster. My boys are, for the most part, always going to buy their clothes from Wal-Mart. But when they walk in, and you see two guys that stand up straight, two guys that have a seriousness to them, even though there’s a joy, they have a strength to them, in character and body and everything else. Many times, it’s more dangerous, it’s more frightening than even what you see in young men. You do not wrestle with them, you do not play with them, you do not punch them, you do not grab them, you do not yell at them.Due to the late nights and regular travelling he decided to start writing for other comedians, while still doing the occasional performance.In 1991 he performed comedy sketches with other comedians at the Duke of York's Theatre in a show put on to raise funds for Amnesty.

In it Condell criticises Britain's sanctioning of a Sharia court, and refers to the entire country of Saudi Arabia as "mentally ill" for its abuse of women.

It may sound kind of, just too simple, but you need to hear it, and it’s this. And, I tell you, my heart went out for them because you could tell immediately they didn’t have a father. And here you watch this movie where women dress a certain way, they’re refined in a certain way, they don’t participate in the brutish things of men. They don’t have the right shoes on, they don’t have the right pants, maybe their hairs not even cut right.

You do not treat a girl like you do one of your friends who’s male. They’re concealed, they are, again, innocent.” “It’s like this,” I said, “Young girls, can you imagine a movie where a girl is sitting there and all of the sudden a guy reaches for a book and while he reaches for the book, she reaches for the book and he happens just to touch her hand lightly, while he’s reaching for the book, and it literally takes her breath away.” See, we can’t experience that any more can we? Let’s say that there’s a bunch of young guys, typical collage guys, and they’re all in this room, and a bunch of girls, in a room like this, let’s say. You know, talking to the girls like you would a guy, and just kind of walking around slumped all over, just acting cool, and whatever. You’ve got really nice cars, you’ve got really nice clothes, you look cool. They don’t look cool, and they don’t even know your language.

A recording of the show was released on VHS as Barf Bites Back! Condell's 1996 play Barry Sorts It Out was given a negative review in the Financial Times, which described it as "a sordid East End comedy" which "repeats ad nauseam the same gag." The reviewer concluded that it is "a play with all the bite of a set of joke-shop fangs." His 2006 stand-up show Faith Hope and Sanity, subtitled "A Few Jokes About Religion Before It Kills Us All," was a platform for his comedy and atheist beliefs.

"This is the first time I’ve set out to write a show in order to say something, rather than just as a vehicle for stand-up" he said of the show.

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His main thrust is one of outrage on behalf of those Muslim women who will suffer because they are forced to have their marital problems solved in a male-dominated Sharia court." Shortly after, You Tube reversed their earlier decision saying "Upon further review of the context of Pat Condell's comments, we've reinstated it." Richard Dawkins applauded the reversal, saying "I congratulate You Tube on an excellent decision.